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Your wedding is a magical celebration of love, and the joining of families. You want everything to be absolutely perfect. A ceremony like this demands absolute perfection, and that's just what La Bella Moda delivers, every time.


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Please call us at (610) 825-6385 to make an appointment. We look forward to helping you prepare for one of the most important days of your life!


Jim Hjelm Blush 1257 (Sage)

Alvina Valenta 9252

Alvina Valenta 9311

Alvina Valenta 9316

Hayley Paige 6252 (Seragfina)

Jim Hjelm 8251

Jim Hjelm 8258

Jim Hjelm 8259

Jim Hjelm Blush 1250 (amaryllis)

Alvina Valenta 9202

Lazaro 3110

Lazaro 3114

Lazaro 3202

Lazaro 3256

Mikaella 1600

Mikaella 1612

Mikaella 1702

Paloma Blanca 4251

Paloma Blanca 4259

Paloma Blanca 4308

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